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Whilst traditional crime continues to grow, the cost of cybercrime is rising even more rapidly. The threat of cybercrime is one of the most defining issues of modern times. As the Internet continuously expands, online criminals are finding sanctuary in unregulated environments around the world. However, as cybercrime trends evolve, so do we.

Lallroyal Recovery has internationally placed teams in cyber investigation, fraud recovery, surveillance investigation, strategic cyber intelligence and global asset recovery. We offer peace of mind to high net worth individuals and corporations. We operate with discretion and effective options when crime threatens your assets and the value held by your stakeholders.

For many years, Lallroyal has been investigating, exposing and disrupting financially motivated criminals and cyber fraud syndicates in all parts of the world. We deliver valuable protection through targeted cyber intelligence operations, covert surveillance operations and by regularly referring intelligence and evidence to state, federal and international law enforcement agencies.

Truth Exposure

Lallroyal has an intelligence gathering team that tracks down underground information about unregulated binary options companies.

Fund Recovery

We support you throughout the entire recovery process and our customer/relations team updates you with the latest developments as they occur.

Claims Assessment

We analyze your claim and develop strategies to best recover your funds through our resource network and team of lawyers

Happy Customers

Lucile Slater
After making a massive mistake and believing this scam binary company that had me invest in it, I sent a small amount at first then after daily phone calls for a month or more i sent them a larger sum near 50k in total then all contact immediatly ceased and I lost total control of my money. Fortunately meeting lallroyal saved us and all lost money is now safely back in our possesion
Curtis Davis
I Lost basically all my savings. Megan at Lallroyal took my case and was able to recover a significant amount of what I lost. They were very professional and helpful during the whole experience, and I got the feeling that they genuinely care about their clients. I strongly recommend Lallroyal recovery platform if you have been scammed in binary options.
Chad Hamrick
Binary option company scammed me and I nearly lost all my funds (about 80,000 USD), but then i stummbled on Lallroyal when i was looking for a saviour, contacted them, they answered, and were really professional, practical and highly skilled. they were able to retrieve all my funds, I was so amazed by everything that happened. After all, thank God and thank you Lallroyal so much for everything you did for me.

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